Pantam Workshop Series • Winter 2019

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SAT, Jan 12 1:00-3:30PM

Tues, February 19 7:00-9:00PM

Tues, March 19 7:00-9:00PM

Workshops will cover everything from the basics of pantam anatomy, technique and rhythm to more advanced concepts of composition, improvisation, ensemble playing and jamming. Together, we will explore melodic and rhythmic ideas from the musical cultures of the Middle East, India, Iran, Spain. 
This workshop will help the aspiring pantam player solidify the basics and develop a well-rounded approach to the instrument, all the while becoming free and feeling natural behind your instrument.

The Maalouf School of Percussive Arts offers private lessons both in person and on Skype in the following areas:

  1. Pantam(Handpan, Rav, Tongue Drums)

  2. Middle Eastern Percussion (Frame Drum, Daf, Doumbek, Riq)

  3. Latin Percussion (Conga, Bongo, Cajon, Pandeiro)

  4. Indian Tabla (Beginner and Intermediate level)

  5. Marimba

  6. Drumset

  7. Recording and Producing w/Ableton Live

**To schedule a lesson, please contact Adam Maalouf at or through the CONTACT page above. Happy drumming!

Global Percussion Youth Program - Workshop or residency for Students ages 9-up. Experience music and percussion from the far corners of the earth, learn to record your instrument, live student performances for family and classmates and much more! Click Here for info on a recent Youth Residency by Adam Maalouf

Please Contact Adam for more information regarding program offerings, questions, or ideas for original programming. 

Thank you!

Adam Maalouf